Shrink Wrapping Services

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Sterling Aero Marine Services, is the only fully mobile Shrink Wrapping service in Central Virginia.


We can shrink wrap almost anything for protection from the weather, storage or transportation, including Boats, Jet-skis and Recreational Vehicles. Sterling Aero Marine Services exclusively uses professional grade Shrink Wrapping equipment and supplies from “Dr. Shrink” The USA’s leading shrink wrap specialists.

  • On all our boat shrink wrapping we first build a support structure with polypropylene webbing to support the shrink wrap. This is to protect your boats windshield and structure from damage in extreme winter weather.
  • We can even put in a zipper door in the Shrink Wrap in case you need to access the interior of your boat. Sterling will also remove the Shrink Wrap in the spring and recycle the used materials for you.
  • We conveniently come to your home, boat dock or place of business to save you time and money. Contact us for all your Shrink Wrapping requirements.