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Important Information On Marine Batteries

It seems that everything electrical on our boats has improved dramatically over recent years. We now have electronic computer controlled engine management systems, advanced electronic navigation and fish finders. We even have LED lights and GPS speedometers! The heart of our boats electrical system, the humble battery has also been changing lately. It used to…
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Michigan Propellers

Sterling Technical Tips and Articles Michigan Propellers: Jan. 2016 Interesting and informative information on boat propellers from The Michigan Wheel propeller company. The article explains different types of propellers and how to choose the correct propeller for your boat. For further information on propellers contact Sterling Aero Marine Services. Click here to access the Michigan…
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Marine Batteries Winter Storage

Few things are more disappointing than coming back to your boat or jet-ski in the spring and discovering that one or more of your batteries is dead. You haven't even started boating, and already you're facing a hefty bill. Many times, a dead battery can be resuscitated to near its initial capacity, but it's best…
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