Corona Virus Procedure

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Epidemic.

Procedures planned to be used by Larry Simpkins of Sterling Aero Marine Services to minimize contamination while working on customer’s marine craft during the 2020 boating season.

  1. Before I travel to the customers property, I will call to obtain the current Corona Virus status in that household such as family self-isolation. From this information I will decide whether it is safe for me to carry out the requested work.
  2. I will not shake hands or make any bodily contact with any person and will endeavor to remain at least six feet from all persons wherever possible.
  3. I will wear protective gloves while working on customers watercraft.
  4. I will disinfect the areas of boats and jet skis most likely to have been touched by persons such as steering wheels, engine controls and seats.  I will carry out this disinfecting procedure before I start work on the vessel and upon completion of the work.
  5. I will supply an invoice by text or email and will be requesting payment by contactless methods such as PayPal, Zelle, Google pay, Apple pay etc.  This will avoid the passing and touching of checks.

As an individual mobile marine technician, I can minimize contact with customers and reduce the possibility of cross contamination.  The situation with the Corona Virus is changing rapidly and I will change my policies and procedures as necessary to provide the most efficient protection for my customers and myself.

Larry Simpkins. March 16th ,2020