Spring Commissioning

The temperatures are warming up, leaves are starting to appear on the trees and spring flowers are blooming in our yards. It’s time to think about this year’s boating season! Spending some time getting your boat ready early in the spring will make sure that you’re ready to have lots of fun on the lake…
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While on an extended cruise aboard your vessel, we’ll call her Cherokee, you notice that the engine’s coolant temperature gauge has stopped registering. Being a prudent skipper and knowing that an inoperative engine instrument is an invitation to disaster, you point Cherokee’s bow toward the nearest boatyard to have it repaired. Click to download this…
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Time to Winterize?

Save Time and Money for Next Spring

What a season it has been! As it comes to a close, it’s time to give your boat the tender loving care needed to ensure next season will be just as great. This guide to winterize works for the typical outboard and inboard boats we use in Central Virginia. We recommend you also refer to…
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Don’t Get the Ethanol Blues!

Whether we like it or not, ethanol fuel is here to stay. In our cars and trucks it’s not a major problem because we run a lot of fuel through the engine on a regular basis. But the engines in our boats are used infrequently and this is where the problem starts. Ethanol fuel does…
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